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Incorporation of Mexican Entities

S.A. / S.A.P.I. / S. DE R.L. / S.C.

526 usd

Incorporation of Mexican Civil Associations

Obtaining Authorized Donor Authorization 340 USD

526 usd

Shareholders’ Agreement

Includes clauses of confidentiality, non-compete, drag/tag along

350 usd

Founders Vesting Agreement

Includes Option Agreement Model

350 usd

Stock Option Plan

Includes meeting/resolutions approving creation of package and agreement option /vesting model for Key Persons

614 usd

Convertible Notes

Documents to receive investment convertible into shares of a company, according to cap or discount agreed

526 usd

Stock sales

Includes shares purchase agreement, as well as shareholders meeting minutes or unanimous resolutions approving such transaction.

526 usd

Adoption of a new legal regime or reform of bylaws

Includes meeting / resolutions approving acts

526 usd

Annual Shareholders Meeting

Includes annual meeting with respect to a social year

350 usd

Powers of Attorney

Includes assembly/resolutions granting power, as well as coordination with notary

350 usd

Corporate Books

Includes initial preparation of the 4 books needed for S.A. or S.A.P.I.

175 usd

Corporate Books

Includes initial preparation of 1 corporate book needed for S. de R.L.

88 usd

Registry of entities before the National Registry of Foreign Investment (Registro Nacional de Inversión Extranjera)


263 usd

Trademark registration before IMPI

Applies the same rate for any other distinctive sign, includes payment of rights and viability opinion of Trademark Registration

475 usd

Renewal of Trademark Registration before IMPI


550 usd

Patents, utility models and industrial designs

The fee is for presentation fees. Fees and fees for technical aspects will be quoted separately

333 usd

Copyright registry before INDAUTOR

Includes payment of rights

410 usd

Brand transmissions/licensing and registration before IMPI

Includes fees, rights and standard contract for transfer of rights by brand

333 usd

Reservations of rights to exclusive use

e.g. fictional characters, artistic names, etc.

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Guide for the protection of industrial or commercial secrets and confidential information


350 usd

Work for Hire Agreement


526 usd

Privacy Policies


455 usd

Terms and Conditions


526 – 877 usd

Agreements with Costumers


510 – 850 usd

Agreements with Vendors


526 – 877 usd

Agreements with Software Developers, APPS Y WEB


526 usd

Software as a Service Agreement


510 usd

Non-Disclosure Agreement


350 usd

Employment Agreement

Includes structure of employment relationship

526 usd

Model Customization


88 usd

Release for use of image


526 usd

Conditions of contest and promotion notice

For competitions not regulated by the General Directorate of Games and Draws

526 – 877 usd

Audiovisual productions / Cinematography


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